Inspired by abstract expressionism, Ben Randall layers his powerful oil on canvas paintings, creating rich textures and developing contours and patterns as the image grows. Featuring an abundance of cylindrical shapes and experimenting with the interplay of colour – sometimes as a soft wash of palest pink on dove grey; at other times, the clash of vermillion on cobalt – Ben’s work is a ribald exploration of colour and form, abstract configurations, and organic shapes. The occasional entwining of formal lines suggest the interaction of nature and mankind, but the artist believes that is for the viewer to decide.

“There is something wonderful with oil paints; whether you push them around with a thick application or dilute the paint to allow for a more fluid use; there is a sense of real joy seeing how colours and density can co-exist.”

Describing his work as instinctive, organic and colour-driven, Ben’s work is inspired by the shapes and colours of the natural world, how they blend into our lives as humans: 

“Blur your eyes, use a macro lens on your camera, look beyond what is directly in front of you – there are amazing and magnificent things happening all the time right under our noses… 

“By its very nature, art (in all forms) is our way of expressing ourselves. Self-expression comes when you take the time to acknowledge all these little wonders of the world. This is what I try to paint, and this is what inspires me to grow as an artist.” 

Capturing a distinct emotion derived from the repetition of organic shapes, the artist delves into the ancient meditative techniques that surround sacred geometry, and the energy these works deliver is matched only by the impact of their colour profiles. 

Degas is believed to have said: “art is not what you see, but what you make others see…” and this is inherently true about Ben’s work. Each pair of eyes will view Ben’s work in a unique way and attribute their perspective to it. And while that is true for many artists, it is more pronounced for Ben’s work, which drives reaction, questions reality and has a deeply intuitive nature. 

'Traveling Heart to the Loan Shark of Bliss'
'.... On Blue'