The spaces we inhabit define us, physical representations of what we believe and how we want to be seen, with elegant furniture, Persian rugs, and fresh flowers to scent the air. Yet many of us make do with generic, mass-produced graphics on our walls instead of impactful art rich with provenance.

There are countless reasons: ‘I don’t know enough about art’; ‘it’s too expensive’; ‘I haven’t found anything I like yet…’

Which is why Bison Art exists.

We are explorers, searching for art that has the potential to be cherished forever. We aim to discover the trailblazers who will lead Australia’s creative future, and the artists we represent create works that are original, authentic and have clear provenance.

Brigitte Amiel-Northover's Jasmine and Honeysuckle oil on wood original art

The Collection

This is an expertly curated, limited-edition collection of emerging Australian art, designed with style, individuality, and luxury aesthetics in mind, courtesy of leading art and interiors expert Analisa Flaherty.

Each work has something, an innate presence, a memory, a hope, a visceral representation of Australia’s natural world, or simply an abstract wonder. As part of the collection, the rich diversity of the works mirror both contemporary trends – native flora and fauna, overblown flowers, pastels, inspirational works, powerful realism – as well as longer-term creative directions.

The Artists

This bespoke collection of work is definitive of the incredible talent among the artists Bison represents. From the emotive cloud-soft contours of Alisha Rich’s work to blowsy Australian bushscapes by Jane Sankey, Kate Rogers’ angular Picasso-inspired muses with their intelligent, dancing eyes, or Scott Ruzzene’s powerful photography, in which waves crest and foam and mountains wear skirts of pillowy snow, every work curated by Bison tells an intricately woven story that includes representation of their creator.

The Curators

With over 20 years’ experience as a creative agent, lead curator Analisa works tirelessly to hero emerging Australian artists as they develop and grow, connecting them with astute buyers – from discerning collectors to first-time art buyers.  

Our curatorial team works collaboratively to invest expertise and care into every aspect of the creative relationship, honouring both the creatives and those who support them.


We know that that our buyers are searching for artworks that tell a story and still the viewer. It might be a statement piece to be the central point of a space, a piece that reflects the life they have lived, or a personal work to be treasured and handed down through the generations. 

Each and every buyer is unique, hence the rich diversity of our collection. But there are certain things that stand for all our buyers: they are discerning, searching for a work with both prestige and soul, and most all want to feel a connection to the artist whose work touches them. 

How Does It Work?

The collection is comprised of paintings, drawings, sketches, photography and sculptural works. Each comes with a letter of provenance and authenticity, and we provide detailed background information of the artist. Browse the collection, ask us questions, read about the artist, and, when you’ve decided, relax and sit back – artworks you purchase are delivered direct to your door from the artist, which places agency in the hands of the creatives and reduces any element of confusion. 

For interior designers, stylists and visual merchandisers, Bison Art offers the option of pre-release works to fit a certain brief. Find out more here.

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