Abstract, figurative, minimalist expressionism, Brigitte Amiel-Northover’s work is inherently invested in nature and the beauty it displays. As a florist and a fine artist, her practice incorporates natural elements – specifically flowers – into large-scale oil paintings on wooden panels, vibrantly coloured and riven with texture.

Gold, crimson, pink and tropical greens burst from her work; a woman’s figure, the splay of hibiscus, stands of ginger, soft curls of fabric around a proud head – Brigitte’s work is a love-letter to loss and devotion, a celebration and commiseration for the lives we live. 

Richly sensual, Brigitte’s work delves into the power of scent and touch, intimate experiences that are often interconnected and spark memory and emotion. She evokes narratives around the journey of womanhood, what it means to be a woman today, and her empathy for the subject is intoxicating. 

Bold, impactful and brimming with objective beauty, the artist’s sentiment is as powerful as her materials are organic, and there is a sense of her connection to her French and African heritage:

“My work is mainly done in oil paint on wooden panels. As a florist and a fine art artist, I am a tactile person who enjoys working with natural elements. I love the scent of freshly cut wood when preparing my board for painting and how the oil applies itself to the wood. It is an organic process; trees that have been in contact with soil and rain, and oil extracted from plants.

“My work exists to generate intimate and transparent conversations around difficult and painful life events. As a result of these exchanges, answers emerge, and healing takes its course.”

'Windows Of The Soul' 


Group exhibitions 
2021: Voyage, Galerie Blanche, Giverny 
2017: Fragility, Gaffa art Gallery, Sydney 
2016: Les gens et la nature, C3 Art Lounge, Sydney 

Solo exhibitions 
2018: Spoken, Hampton's House, Sydney 
2019: Clothed in love, Galerie Blanche, Giverny