The Ultimate Art Gift Guide.

Whoever you’re shopping for - from collectors of worldly items to interiors-obsessed connoisseurs or seasoned art collectors - we’ve pulled together the ultimate list of unique and original Australian art, so you can spoil that special someone with the gift of art.

With one-of-a-kind paintings to handmade ceramic vases and limited edition photography, there is something for everyone.

Australian artist Bianca Slade single colour acrylic on wood painting. Blue lines in repetition to represent rows of candles
Marie Hiot's oil on paper Nala, is from the Femme Nuages series. Framed original artwork. Affordable art
Sydney based artist Alisha Rich's original watercolour painting

What to buy for the interiors obsessed…

For those in your life whose homes are so inviting and beautiful that you’d move in if they gave you the nod, an original object or painting is sure to please. Daniel Paul Peterson’s playful abstract works on canvas, or Ben Randall’s layered oil paintings and Alisha Rich's exquisite watercolours are guaranteed to impress. If they love a minimal aesthetic, look to the refined lines in Bianca Slade’s single colour paintings or Marie Hiot’s Femme Nuages series.

Limited-edition photography. Monument Horses by Scott Ruzzene
Limited-edition photography. Coachella Valley by Scott Ruzzene features palm trees against a sun set and desert

What to buy for the Globe Trotter...

We all have that friend who seems to be heading somewhere exotic every year. Their homes are full of trinkets and collectables from their travel. This season, bring the essence of global travel to their homes with art. Scott Ruzzene’s powerful limited-edition photography will transport them to the West Coast of America, whilst Monica Pronk's Carazon del Sol will help them to reminise being in the ocean with dreamy warm tones all year round.

Limited-edition black and white porcelain vessels sculpted to reflect bamboo. Handmade in Melbourne
Sydney artist Jane Sankey's In Her Presence is an acrylic on canvas featuring the blowsy landcscape of Australia's coast
Brigitte Amiel-Northover's oil on wood features flowers in pinks, oranges, yellows and purples
Brigitte Amiel-Northover's Jasmine and Honeysuckle oil on wood original art

What to buy for the lover of nature...

If they love to be in nature over indoors, then gift something that will bring the great outdoors in. Lauren Esplin's work talks of the nostalgia and happiness borne of a day at the beach, the coastline carved in rich colour and form. Jane Sankey’s work captures the unconventional beauty of Australia’s landscape in rich, textured acrylics, whilst multidisciplinary artist and florist Brigitte Amiel-Northover’s figurative paintings bring sunshine and warmth to any space. Sarah Hudson’s porcelain works are sculpted to reflect the delicacy and strength of bamboo and make for an elevated and considered present.

Melbourne based Sarah Hudson's Bamboo #1 sits on a desk with flowers. Melbourne artist Elena Strohfeldt's In the Shadows is on the wall. Affordable Australian art
Affordable Australian art by Kai Hagberg. Highflyer features a woman looking up at a paper plane
Sydney based Zelia Ranger's Here and South Downs
Detail image from Sydney based artist Zelia Rangers "Europa and the Bull"

What to buy from the 'Work-from-home' addict

Perhaps it was Covid-19 or maybe they were working from home long before, but the home office is one of this person’s most used place. Inspire creativity with whimsical and imaginative works by Kai Hagberg, Zelia Ranger and Elena Strohfeldt. These pieces fit perfectly within a small workspace either alone or grouped as a gallery wall. Adorn the desk itself with Sarah Hudson’s Bamboo #1 or Elena Strohfeldt’s ceramic collection.

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Elena Strohfeldt

Madoura Mug


Elena Strohfeldt

Lotus Bowl #1


Sarah Hudson

Bamboo Collection. Bamboo #2

Porcelain vase formed from bamboo on porcelain bamboo mat. Handmade by Melbourne artist Sarah Hudson. Limited edition of 5

Sarah Hudson

Bamboo Collection. Bamboo #1


Sarah Hudson

Bamboo Collection. Bamboo #3


Elena Strohfeldt

Madoura Vessel #2


Marie Hiot

Femme Fleurs - Dark Carmine #2


Marie Hiot

Femme Fleurs - Red Carmine