Melbourne-based artist Sarah Hudson creates exquisite porcelain sculptures that are infused with an ethereal delicacy. Her practice is imbued with a slowed, meditative quality that is echoed in her works, their elegant craft drawing the viewer closer to consider both the process of making and the balance between fragility and strength.

“I am drawn to working with porcelain and exploring a minimal palette and detailed, fine, low-relief design. The detail that can be achieved when using low relief helps me to bring the minimalist, pure white medium to life, and explore the delicacy and translucency that can be achieved. 

“The concentration required in working with porcelain forces me to work at a slowed pace and focus. When making, I am aware of the slowing down of my breath and I work in a calm, meditative state in the knowledge that patience is fundamental to the making.” 

Sarah’s arts practice began when she was a child taking art lessons with her neighbour, and she remembers these with the sort of detail and focus she now applies to her work: 

“I cherished these moments. Fragrant incense filled the air, wind chimes echoed in the breeze and there was always a sense of endless possibilities and creativity. Here, I would paint (with watercolours) as my teacher Anna-Marie described a story or emotion and it would come to life on paper…”

Minimal, detailed and strikingly delicate, Sarah’s work is informed by the aesthetics and principles of simplicity embodied by the Japanese practice of wabi-sabi, as well as the appreciation of natural objects that are perfectly imperfect.

'Bamboo Vessels - Collection #6' 
'Bamboo Vessels - Collection #4' 


Sarah’s work has received local and international accolades including the prestigious Itami Prize in Japan.