The inaugural Bison Artist curation considers the duality between humanity and the natural world.

Anchored within the notions of Humanity/ Nature, five artists consider how we, as humans exist within and respond to the natural world. Six artists focus on the complexities of human nature, the ambiguity within this, a pivotal point of the collection. 

Sarah Hudson’s ethereal porcelain works are sculpted to reflect the delicacy and strength of bamboo; Jane Sankey’s work captures the unconventional beauty of Australia’s natural flora and fauna in rich, textured acrylics; the raw dynamism of Scott Ruzzene’s photographic realism encapsulates the power and beauty of the natural world; Ben Randall’s layered oils are a conceptual reflection on nature, and multidisciplinary artist and florist Brigitte Amiel-Northover’s figurative paintings hero the beauty of the natural word. 

Affordable Australian art. Kate Rogers original work on canvas features a woman in a red bikini sitting by a pool
Melbourne based artist Elena Strohfeldt's Lotus collection

Alisha Rich’s watercolour, ink and charcoal portraits are striking, provocative and otherworldly, their cloud-soft contours mesmerising. Daniel Paul Peterson’s work is a playfully abstract exploration of expression, memory and emotion; while Marie Hiot’s curlicue contours mirror the shape of the human form and its image in society. Midway between joyous abstractum and realist portraiture, the bold, angular beauty of painter Kate Rogers Picasso-inspired faces is mesmerising, Zelia Ranger’s work explores the malleability of memories in abstract form, and Elena Strohfeldt works with clay and ink to create exquisite ceramics.

The definitive works within this curation each possess an innate presence: a memory, perhaps, or the artist’s reflection of their environment; some are a visceral representation of Australia’s natural world, while others are abstractions, free flowing in content and form. 

The collection reflects contemporary trends within broader, longer-term creative directions, and is comprised of a series of rolling curations. Anchored in strong themes, yet open to interpretation, we believe each curation will grow the collection organically, finding connection where none is apparent. 

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Jane Sankey



Scott Ruzzene

Turbulence I

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Daniel Paul Peterson

You Know What To Do


Marie Hiot



Zelia Ranger

Near and Far


Brigitte Amiel-Northover

Le Parc Était Ensoleillé


Sarah Hudson

Bamboo Collection. Bamboo #5