There is a wistfulness, a gentle thrum of recognition and a deep sense of knowing in Zelia Ranger’s work, beautiful stories told visually. It is richly intuitive, a broad exploration of colour and form, exploring how we share memories and how malleable they can be.

Zelia explains: “I’m intrigued by how we remember places, people, objects and events, how our memories capture a moment and refine it. I have a natural tendency to blend landscapes, interiors and figures – from the past and the present – because I see them as being connected. Neuroscience has shown us that ‘place cells’ fire up in our mind when we remember, and this is because we are remembering the space that the memory occurred.”

This musing plays out in her practice, alongside other deeply personal concepts that are important to her: the presence of absence, loss, gratitude, and perspective. 

From exquisitely detailed figures sketched in pencil, charcoal and ink, to soft grey seascapes, delicate collages, and abstract iterations, her work is cross-disciplinary, and there is a clear connection between Zelia’s creative practice and her experience as an interior designer. 

Clockwise from top left 'Here and London', 'Near and Far', 'Here and South Downs', 'Bathers' 
Close up of 'Nude'